Greeting Cards FAQ

Repurposing Greeting cards FAQ

*Do you have greeting cards you don’t know what to do with?*

The MEI Elementary Library accepts donations of greeting cards to cut into bookmarks for the children.  These bookmarks are a big hit and endorse our directive to use bookmarks instead of other materials to place-mark the books.

  • What kinds of greeting cards?  Any occasion, but especially Christmas.


  • What if I don’t have time to cut the fronts off the cards that I am donating? That’s okay, we can remove any personal greetings.


  • Where can I bring them?  You can bring them up to the library or put them in a bag and tuck them in our mailbox in the school office.


  • Can you use birthday cards, too?  Yes, any occasion: anniversary, birthday, Valentines, Easter, etc.


If you have any stickers you don’t know what to do with, you can also donate them to the library.  We will use them on blank bookmarks.


Thank you for your donations!


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