Baby Animals!



Flowers are blooming, the sun is finally shining and the end of the school year is fast approaching. One exciting thing to look for in spring, is the birth of many baby animals! From puppies, to kittens, to ducklings and even baby fawns, this season is the time of year when baby animals begin to explore the world. Make sure to click on the pictures, they will take you to the Canadian Geographic webpage where you can find out more about these animals.

We are lucky to live in Canada where there are many different types of animals. I wanted to share with you some of my favourite baby animals that can be found across the country!



Beaver Kit: Beavers are important because they’re the national animal of Canada. Did you know that beavers are a type of rodent?


baby caribou

Caribou Fawn: Baby caribou live up north in the arctic where it’s cold and snowy. A fun fact about caribou is that they are related to reindeer!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFox Cub: These bushy-tailed babies are found throughout Canada; from at-home in Abbotsford all the way to PEI! A fun fact about foxes it that can come in many different colours such as brown, black, red, white and even silver!


Lynx_kittenLynx Kitten: The lynx can be found all across Canada and live many different climates such as forests and snowy tundra. A fun fact about lynxes is that they can live for over 20 years!


polar bear

Polar Bear Cubs: Baby polar bears live in the very far north of Canada in an area called the Arctic Circle. A fun fact about polar bears is that their fur lets them camouflage in the harsh environment! There are almost 15,000 polar bears living in Canada.


Porcupette: Did you know that a baby porcupine is called a Porcupette? Porcupines live almost everywhere in Canada. A fun fact about porcupines is that they have around 30,000 hollow and pointy quills across their body.


baby raccoon

Racoon Kit: These mischievous baby animals thrive in western and eastern Canada. One little known fact about racoons is that they love swimming!

baby deer

White-Tailed Deer Fawn: The White-tailed deer is the most common type of deer found in Canada. It can be found in every province, from BC to Nova Scotia and Nunavut. One fun fact about deer is that they can jump the height of a school bus!

wolf puppy

Wolf Cub: Baby wolves look like a lot like puppies, but don’t be fooled, these cuddly creatures are wild animals that live in almost every region of Canada.


Make sure to check out the baby animals display in the library! There is a large selection of baby animal books for you to learn more about these cute critters.

Finally, I would like to thank Jennifer and MEI Elementary for inviting me to complete my university practicum in the library. I have had a wonderful experience at your school, learned a great many things and met a lot of wonderful people.

– Guest Blogger Jessica Logan